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Kory Datz

Independent Adjuster

The #1 Networking Group

for Best-in-Class Insurance Adjusters who are looking to excel in their professional and personal lives.

Imagine being in a room with thousands of years of claims experience from all sides of the field: insurance carriers, independent adjusters, claims companies, third-party administrators, preferred vendors, and contractors.


Immediate access to top professionals in this industry.

Our growing network of claims and contracting professionals will be there to advise and help you with software or app issues, in-field investigation recommendations, career placement, and any information questions which you may have about our industry.


Avoid common mistakes which you encounter daily.

Whether you are in the field, writing up a claims report or working directly with contractors or repair facilities, you will inevitably run into a problem, and Adjustment-Factory will help you determine the best solution. Adjustment-Factory is accessible from your desktop or mobile device.


New career opportunities.

Our network includes independent adjusters, adjustment companies, insurance carriers, restoration companies, general contractors, and exterior repair specialists. This group will give field professionals direct connection to companies who are hiring, while companies will gain immediate access to professionals looking for new opportunities.

& Get a FREE 14-Day Access to The Factory!

"I’ve collected countless invaluable tidbits about the adjusting world that would have taken years to learn otherwise."

Christopher Wall

Independent Adjuster


24/7 networking, anytime, anywhere. 

Conferences can be fun, but also expensive and rare. By joining our community, you’ll have the largest network of claims professionals at your fingertips whether you’re home, at the office, or in the field.

Discover a mentor or mentee.

Everything’s easier when you have a mentor, but how are you expected to find one? We give highly-experienced professionals direct access to those less-experienced so they can receive the knowledge needed to succeed.

Get advice from the best.

If you want advice about your health, would you ask a dentist? Likewise, if you needed advice about roofing, would you rather ask an adjuster or a roofer? What if you need advice on how to scale your claims company or to become more visible to carriers? Adjustment-Factory is there to bridge that professional gap.

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Ruddy Perez

Independent Adjuster

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